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Tales of the Whispering Pines

Deep within the whispering pines of Alaska lived a young man named Chris and his daughter, Sapphire. In the five years since he lost the love of his life, Samantha, life just hasn’t been the same. As the years pass, Chris continues his work as a tree farmer and volunteer firefighter.

One day after working, he receives a call from dispatch to head to an alarm fire. This is where he meets a beautiful woman named Destiny and her daughter, Holly. Feeling bad for the two, he finds them a place to live at his parent’s bed and breakfast. Slowly, Chris begins to let his guard down and his heart soften.

This story is filled with romance and surprises as Chris realizes the journey you take can lead you on a path you never thought was possible—everlasting true love.




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The US Review of Books

Tales of the Whispering Pines
by J. T. Carruthers

“‘I need to tell you something, Destiny. You make me feel like I’m on top of the world.'”

Tree farmer and volunteer firefighter Chris has been living with his daughter Sapphire deep within the whispering pines of Alaska. The years have been tough for the small family. Chris lost the love of his life—Sapphire’s mother, Samantha—to cancer, and things just haven’t been the same since. Chris continues for Sapphire’s sake, knowing his beloved wife would want him to give their daughter every bit of joy as possible in her childhood. During one dispatch call, however, Chris’s life gets turned upside down. Destiny and her daughter Holly have had a terrible fire at their home and need a place to stay. Chris decides to offer a place at his parent’s bed and breakfast. The bond that the two single parents form is not like anything Chris has felt in a long time or even knew was possible. What will happen with Chris and Destiny? Will they run away from another chance at love, or will they reflect Destiny’s name and find their own destinies together?

Romance comes knocking in this sweet novel. It gives readers just the right amount of cheesiness that romance lovers will want without sacrificing plot. The relationships that all of the characters develop throughout the course of the story will be sure to tug on heartstrings. There are certainly elements that are a little rosier than what would typically happen in real life, but such is the course of a cute romance such as that between Chris and Destiny. Also, the relationships the two have with their children, Holly and Sapphire, only make for a stronger development within the narrative. The novel may not be groundbreaking in the romance genre, but it definitely makes for a fun read that will be sure to please romance lovers.

Pacific Book Review

Title: Tales of the Whispering Pines
Author: J.T Carruthers
Publisher: XlibrisUS
ISBN: 978-1-9845-1642-8
Pages: 138
Genre: Romance
Reviewed by: Jennifer Weiss

It has been five years since Chris had lost his wife Samantha, leaving him to raise their daughter Sapphire alone. Slowly Chris learned to continue his life as a father, firefighter, and tree farmer within a small town of Whispering Pines deep in the woodlands of Alaska. After getting off work one day, Chris receives a phone call that would change his life. He was asked to respond to a fire where he meets Destiny and her daughter Holly. Chris finds the two a place to live at the bed and breakfast his parents owns. As he interacts with the two, he begins to realize his heart his being opened to love once again. Quickly this lonely tree farmer finds out where the path in life can take a person, and how sometimes it is never in the direction you imagined possible.

Carruthers’ masterful writing and storytelling shine in this charming and heartfelt novel. The authors presents readers with a novel that reaches into their emotional depths, and gives them exactly what they want. While the novel has a few twists and surprises, the readers know exactly what they are getting in this novel. It is the type of heartwarming tale one would find in a Hallmark movie, it holds all the charm of a small-town man finding love after tragedy. You’re heart goes out to Chris as he tries to find joy in things such as decorating the house for Christmas. Every small detail Carruthers puts into the novel, makes it relatable.

What Carruthers gives readers is a sweet tale with a focus on the emotional journey of opening one’s heart to love once more. That is something many readers can relate to and see themselves in the same situation. The ending was beautiful and the author paints such a picture the audience can imagine how everything looks; as if they are there with Chris and Destiny. The addition of the Northern Lights was a beautiful touch to this scene, making it even more special. There are many different small elements which make the story appealing and entertaining to read. It is a book you snuggle under warm blankets and tea with on a Sunday afternoon.

This is a novel that is a textured and uplifting, heartwarming and emotional love story, but sometimes it feels overwhelming with descriptions and that it needs polishing in a few places. Despite some minor flaws this novel is very entertaining and enjoyable to read. It’s a perfectly pure novel with an ending that will satisfy readers. It is a wonderful addition to this genre. Tales of the Whispering Pines is a delightfully charming story, which warms the heart. Romance lovers would enjoy settling in to read this novel. Even newcomers to the genre would fall in love with the characters and kindle a love for romantic novels.


Tales of the Whispering Pines

Tales of the Whispering Pines